A $2.6-billion stimulus for Ontario

(August 11, 2015) Putting money slated for conservation spending back into the pockets of consumers would give the province’s economy a much-needed boost.
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Lawrence Solomon: Anglosphere leads on global warming

(August 7, 2015) Recognizing its early mistakes, the English-speaking world is abandoning its infatuation with climate change theory.

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Lawrence Solomon: What the Iran deal means for terrorists

(July 17, 2015) Terrorist organizations world wide will soon be lining up to offer their services to Iran. Continue reading

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Ontario’s push for uneconomic natural gas expansion will increase bills

(July 2, 2015) A move to expand the province’s natural gas system will result in higher bills for current and future customers. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: We’re technological laggards

(June 29, 2015) Google, Apple and other so-called technology companies don’t look like much compared to the giants of a century ago.

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Lawrence Solomon: Nature needs a hand

(June 18, 2015) The tar sands sites will leave a lasting man-made legacy that will be more enjoyed by humans than the sullied lands they found.

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Lawrence Solomon: The proliferation President

(June 10, 2015) More and more nations are pursuing nuclear options under Obama.

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