E-dialogue on economics of green buildings in Canada

RoyalRoads University
October 7, 2004

Join a fascinating online dialogue on a topic that holds the possibility to transform our buildings and our communities – the adoption of green building practices. Economic issues must be addressed in order for green building to take hold and significantly contribute to environmental sustainability. Moderated by Dr. Ann Dale, Trudeau Fellow and Canada Research Chair on Sustainable Community Development, and Rodney C. McDonald, Royal Roads Masters in Environment and Management learner, the confirmed panelists include green building experts Anne Auger, Director, Buildings Division, Natural Resources Canada; Corin Flood, Facilities Planner, Mountain Equipment Co-op; Nils Larsson, International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment; Gord Shymko, G.F. Shymko & Associates Inc.; Paul Stephens, Senior Principal, ZAS Architects; and Alex Zimmerman, President, Canada Green Building Council.

Tune in to www.e-dialogues.ca to register in the e-audience and ‘listen’ to the expert dialogue, and ask questions of the panelists. Talk among yourselves about your experiences and views concerning the economics of green buildings in Canada.

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