The History of Toronto’s Unfinished Expressway System

April 5, 2009

Toronto is served by a system of both Provincial Freeways and Municipal Expressways. Provincial Freeways are owned and operated by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation including the Queen Elizabeth Way and Highways 400, 401, 403, 404, 409, 410 and 427. Highway 407 was sold to a private company and is operated as an express toll route.

Municipal Expressways, which are owned and operated by the City of Toronto (formerly Metropolitan Toronto), include the Gardiner, Don Valley and Allen (Spadina) Expressways. The Province also transferred Black Creek Drive (400 Extension), Highways 27 and 2A and a stretch of the Queen Elizabeth Way, which is now part of the Gardiner Expressway, to the City of Toronto. Black Creek and Highway 27 are part of the arterial road system.

Read the full 26-page document in .pdf format

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