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Peskotomuhkati Chief denounces Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s public hearing process as a ‘feel good exercise’

(June 9, 2022) Indigenous sovereignty, sustainable non-nuclear futures, and critical perspectives lost in the fray.

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Key project at Darlington nuclear facility hundreds of millions over budget, delayed

(October 16, 2017) A Global News investigation has uncovered a single component of the Darlington nuclear project could cost half a billion dollars, four-times initial estimates. Auditors say project “plagued” by problems.

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Lawrence Solomon: A billion dollars full of nuclear waste

(November 21, 2013) The Deep Geologic Repository is a make-work project. Continue reading

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New Brunswick nuclear reactor set to return to service

(November 14, 2012) The longs delays and major cost overruns associated with the Point Lepreau nuclear power plant refurbishment, due for completion this fall, underscore the risks associated with nuclear technology, says Energy Probe’s Norm Rubin. “Because it’s nuclear it is inherently hazardous and everything has to go right … every kind of small boo-boo turns into a megaproject boo-boo,” said Rubin, who also notes that the peculiar nature of some of the refurbishment project’s problems has “turned this thing into a laughing stock … like dropping a turbine into the ocean.” Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: The Green Goliath takes on nuclear

The renewable industry is wrong to claim that it is cost effective. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Just a (nuclear) waste

(September 9, 2011) Canada’s nuclear industry is again plying the back routes of Ontario’s northlands, looking for a willing host in places like Hornepayne (population 1209) and Ear Falls (population 1153) for a multi-billion-dollar long-term storage facility for the country’s nuclear wastes. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Renewables now bigger than nuclear

(May 18, 2011) The world now has more renewable electricity capacity than nuclear capacity, according to a recent report from the Worldwatch Institute. According to its World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2010–2011, just four types of renewables — wind, small-scale hydro, solar, and biomass – accounted for 381 gigawatts (GW) of capacity at the end of 2010, edging past nuclear power’s 375 GW of capacity. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Nuclear power extremes

(April 8, 2011) Lawrence Solomon discusses why support for nuclear power from both the left and the right is misguided. Continue reading

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Japan crisis won’t deter N.B. nuclear plans: premier

(March 29, 2011) The premier of New Brunswick says he has no concerns about resuming the Province’s nuclear power generation. However, Energy Probe’s Norm Rubin says that the Point Lepreau nuclear plant will continue to be a safety hazard, even after costly refurbishments. Continue reading

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Norm Rubin: Thorium not the miracle solution nuclear advocates claim it is

(March 29, 2011) Energy Probe director of nuclear research Norm Rubin in the Toronto Star and The Week discussing why thorium is not the solution to the high costs of nuclear energy. Continue reading

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