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Conservation – shmonservation: The green-ascetics stifle energy system planning.

For over a century, people in the advanced world, now over a billion, have pressed that switch on the wall and the light has come on. Most people regard this as natural – like the light coming in when the blinds are opened.But it is not.

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In 1974, in response to the OPEC oil crisis, Energy Probe argued that the western countries should allow oil prices to rise to market levels (then called "world oil prices") as a means to eliminate shortages. This policy, opposed at the time by governments, by consumer groups, and by the energy industry itself, was later adopted by governments, leading to stabilized markets and an end to the energy crisis. Western economies now wring far more value from the oil they consume.

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Conservation fraud

(June 30, 2006) The Ontario government has promised the bring a giveaway of conservation to electricity usage. Conservation and demand management, aimed at reducing energy use, are the backbones of a 20-year plan to dramatically alter consumption.. It’s a grand dream that hides a reality. Continue reading

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Energy Conservation Responsibility Act, 2006

(February 23, 2006) Mrs. Elizabeth Witmer (Kitchener-Waterloo): I’m pleased to join the debate on Bill 21, the Energy Conservation Responsibility Act, 2006, which was introduced by the Minister of Energy and which has been capably responded to by our critic, John Yakabuski. Continue reading

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Energy Conservation Responsibility Act, 2006 (Part II)

(February 20, 2006) Mr. Norm Miller (Parry Sound-Muskoka): It’s my pleasure to add some comments to the minister’s speech this evening and that of the member from Peterborough on Bill 21, which is the Energy Conservation Responsibility Act, 2005. Continue reading

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New Approaches to Energy Conservation

(November 11, 2002) Ok conscripts, straighten up. Shoulders back, tummy in, turn down those thermostats. Uncle Jean wants you – and you and you – to reinsulate your homes, to change your driving habits and to think twice before you take the minivan to the corner store for a loaf of bread. Continue reading

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Conservation best way to save on heating bill

(January 31, 2001) The cost of heating your home is going up sharply because of a shortage of natural gas. Instead of paying $175 in January, the average household will pay $225, says Ian MacLellan, vice-president of, an Internet-based information and comparison service. Continue reading

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Pan-Canadian Expert Collaboration, Phase Two

(November 13, 2019) A look at the experts behind the collaboration. Continue reading

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Pipelines, the environment and the economy: Canada’s new impact assessment law

(December 11, 2018) Political speeches and media coverage of Canada’s new Impact Assessment Act in Bill C-69 has so far been largely based on government media releases, not analysis. Where are the journalists who have properly read the Act and … Continue reading

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Hydro rates should not be subsidized. It would be unfair to future generations

(May 15, 2018) The province’s Financial Accountability Office estimates that Fair Hydro Plan rebates will save ratepayers $18.4 billion over the next decade, but those savings will ultimately cost future ratepayers $39.4 billion.

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