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Parker Gallant: It’s the cost of the power, stupid

(April 14, 2012) It’s been a flurry of activity around the Ministry of Energy’s offices over the past few days as the Energy Minister, Chris Bentley has announced two initiatives. Continue reading

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Parker Gallant: Toronto Hydro — exaggerated hype or sophisticated spin

(Monday, March 12) “The aggregate total of incentive payments to the top five active executives in the five years ending 2010 was $2.9 million!” That sentence caught my eye in an article that appeared in the January 27, 2012 Toronto Star. Continue reading

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Parker Gallant: The Ontario Power Authority – helping to create the rural urban divide

(February 24, 2012) Where you live in Ontario will have a bearing on what constitutes a “green” energy project by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) under their program(s) and what they will pay per kilowatt hour (kWh) – as the town of Bancroft discovered. Continue reading

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Parker Gallant: Killing the golden goose

(February 3, 2012) In the past eight years, the Ontario Liberal Party have done their best to kill off the golden goose by strangling the public sector owned utility companies. Continue reading

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Parker Gallant: Toronto Hydro Shocked

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB), responsible for approving rate increases for the electricity sector, did their job on a Toronto Hydro (TH) rate application. Continue reading

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Parker Gallant: Local distribution companies – fingers in the dike!

Plugging the budget hole of $700 million for the City of Toronto is apparently not the only hole that Torontonians face. Continue reading

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Parker Gallant & Scott Luft: Liberal shell game – smart meters and conservation

It sure doesn’t look like “Ontario saved $3.8 billion in avoided electricity supply costs,” and are instead caught up in a shell game perpetrated by the governing Liberal Party! Continue reading

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Parker Gallant: A wealth stealth transfer – from OPG & Hydro One to the private sector

The 3rd quarter results for Hydro One and OPG have both been released and the news isn’t good. Continue reading

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