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Lawrence Solomon: Fantasies about global warming and other delusions will fare poorly in 2015

2015 will see more ethnic groups within today’s cobbled-together countries successfully assert their autonomy, with the greatest changes occurring in the Middle East. Continue reading

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Parker Gallant: Environmental Defence, hypocrites or hypochondriacs

(February 11, 2014) Riddle me this! What do the Cement Association of Canada, United Steelworkers, Xerox and Middlefields Resource Funds (investors in oil and gas exploration and development) and Environmental Defence have in common?

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Parker Gallant: Environmental Defence blame others for their CRA problems

(February 9, 2014) The CBC in an news item February 6, 2014, announced that the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) had launched an “audit” of some of Canada’s well known environmental charities and included on that list was Environmental Defence (ED).

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Lawrence Solomon: Russia’s rise — a threat to the West

(November 8, 2013) America’s demise in the Middle East has made Russia the region’s preeminent power, and a threat to the West. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: New glory for Greece

(February 17, 2012) A deregulated free-market Greece — in tourism, energy, transportation — could transform the broken country. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Harper’s mission

(February 3, 2012) He is the only PM in memory who has shown any spine in his dealings with China’s brutal plunderers. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Israeli oil could bust the OPEC cartel

(June 13, 2011) The old energy order in the Middle East is crumbling and a new energy order is emerging to give the West some spine. In this new order, Israel is a major player. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Oil redeems Israel

(June 6, 2011) A huge strike will bring back a world bought by oil interests.

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Danger overhead

(April 17, 2009) Toronto’s plan to mandate green roofs on new buildings could seriously threaten the city’s building stock. Continue reading

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Hot and bothered over heating

(Oct. 9, 2004) Radcliffe Robinson isn’t looking forward to heating his home this winter. Continue reading

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