Climate Porn: the hottest day on record

If you value independent thought, you have to be able to identify the bubble wrap and break free. Legal expert Andrew Roman offers an escape from climate alarmism bubble wrap.

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Electricity generation with 100% renewables is a fantasy

(December 3, 2022) Breaking down the high cost of renewables based on the data.

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A 2nd Chernobyl

(August 19, 2022)  Who knows where the fallout from Zaporizhzhia, a nuclear power complex 50 percent larger than Chernobyl, might land?

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The Big Green Lie almost everyone claims to believe

(August 2, 2022) The claim that the “science was settled” on climate change never withstood scrutiny. What is settled is the abject failure of the three-decade-long attempt by the bureaucracies of the 195 countries of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to convince anyone other than themselves, a credulous media, and a relatively few gullible people that climate change represents an existential threat.

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The impossible green dream

(July 12, 2022) Instead of refurbishing an old and deteriorating natural gas pipeline that has served Ottawa for 65 years, Ottawa is investing instead in a fantasy strategy it calls its Energy Evolution plan. Unfortunately, Ottawa is not alone in these pipe dreams to achieve net-zero no matter how unachievable and painful for Canadians.

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Russia’s war has started The Great U-Turn

(June 26, 2022) The West’s net zero policies, pursued too rapidly, with the wrong technologies, and without regard to energy security, has financed Russia’s war on Ukraine. The Great U-Turn back to fossil fuels has already begun in Europe.

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Ottawa is committing suicide

(June 24, 2022) Will Ottawa be the first capital city to die a woke death?

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Russia, Ukraine, NATO: What now?

(June 13, 2022) In every war the first casualty is always the truth.

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Peskotomuhkati Chief denounces Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s public hearing process as a ‘feel good exercise’

(June 9, 2022) Indigenous sovereignty, sustainable non-nuclear futures, and critical perspectives lost in the fray.

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All that glitters isn’t green. Or renewable.

(February 3, 2022) “Green” is used as a political obedience button. We are expected to agree, without closely examining proposed laws and policies. After all, how could it be bad if it’s green? We are not expected to ask “green in comparison to what?” Or “green at what cost, to whom?” If you were to ask these questions it is unlikely that government officials would provide any useful answers. Legal expert Andrew Roman looks closer at what it means to be Green.

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