Fossil Fuels

Energy Probe has been Canada’s chief critic of the fossil fuel industries for 40 years, starting in the 1970s, when it helped create the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry (the Berger Commission), which led to the scrapping of uneconomic Arctic pipelines.  Energy Probe has also opposed subsidies to coal mines, tar sands plants, and fossil-fuel fired generating stations while promoting improved methods of removing of removing their pollutants, such as mercury, sulphur dioxide, and nitrous oxides.

Because of such efforts by environmental organizations, fossil fuels have made enormous strides. The coal-fired station of today is incomparably cleaner than the plants of a generation ago – some have the same emissions profile as natural gas – and great strides have also been made in the production of natural gas, conventional oil, and tar sands oil. We favour striving for further improvements to capture the many benefits of fossil fuels while minimizing their disadvantages.

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