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Radiation reservation

(November 1, 1989) For 10 years, studies from, Great Britain and the United States have reported that children and young adults living near nuclear facilities have higher rates of leukemia – a nine fold increase in one case – than expected. Now, research into the incidence of childhood leukemia in Ontario has provided disquieting evidence that a similar tragedy could be unfolding closer to home. Continue reading

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Probability Times Consequence: Rational and Scientific, or Just Imprudent?

(May 23, 1986) Originally presented at a Symposium on the Risks and Benefits of Energy Alternatives held at the University of Waterloo. May 20-23, 1986. Continue reading

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CANDU Reactors – buyer beware

(December 31, 1969) Every nuclear reactor is a disaster waiting to happen — and CANDU reactors are no exception. Canadian utilities are no longer building CANDU reactors because of their high cost and poor performance. CANDUs have a number of serious technical, and safety problems, as well as the unique environmental problem of tritium emissions. Continue reading

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