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Regulated gas a pain for Manitobans

(May 14, 2006) Winnipeg Free Press in an effort to shield consumers from fluctuating natural gas prices, the Manitoba Public Utilities Board has inadvertently created a trap for householders that could add as much as $10 million to the gas bills of consumers. Continue reading

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Manitoba wastes electricity, and now gas, too

(November 6, 2005) Already overseeing the world’s most inefficient electricity consuming economy, Manitoba’s NDP government’s speech from the Throne sets a course to promote natural gas wastage as well. Continue reading

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Equalization buys big government

(April 14, 2004) Last month’s federal budget renewed one of Canada’s most sacred policy cows – our $10 billion equalization program – for another five years. The first of a three-part series looks at how equalization locks “have-not” provinces into enormous welfare traps. Continue reading

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Manitobans are energy hogs

(July 15, 2003) A new analysis by Tom Adams, executive director of Energy Probe, a Toronto-based think tank, shows that each of us uses two and half times more electricity than the average person in other developed countries. Adams is also proposing a unique method of solving the problem, a distribution model called tradable electricity permits. Continue reading

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Optimizing Manitoba’s electricity export potential

(July 3, 2003) Manitoba’s low cost hydroelectric power represents a major economic opportunity for the province but currently only a fraction of this potential benefit is being realized. The province borders on regions with liberalizing markets for power, resulting transparent prices and enhanced opportunities for beneficial trading. Continue reading

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Manitoba faces record natural gas hike

(January 5, 2001) With winter barely underway, some people on the Praries have been blasted with a bitterly harsh lesson in the economics of heating their homes. Continue reading

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Manitoba public utilities board inquiry into the future role of Central Gas Manitoba

(February 26, 1996) Energy Probe’s Prefiled Evidence in Manitoba Public Utilities Board June 1996 Inquiry into the Future Role of Centra Gas Manitoba Continue reading

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