Thank you for making the demise of nuclear power possible

Thomas Adams
Energy Probe

December 31, 1969

The era of nuclear power is coming to a close and your support for Energy Probe is a big part of the reason. For decades we have advocated a non-nuclear future for Canada, pointing out the environmental and economic irresponsibility of continuing with the nuclear option. Ontario Hydro is finally starting to appreciate the truth of this position and is closing seven more reactors on top of the one reactor that closed in 1995.

Our work would not have been possible without the financial and moral support of thousands of individual Canadians like you. We wish to express our deep gratitude to everyone for their confidence in us.

Our work is not finished. Fourteen nuclear power reactors will remain in use in Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec after the seven closures are completed next year. In addition, Ontario Hydro is threatening to restart its reactors at some undetermined future date. We need your support to continue the fight to permanently close all the nuclear plants in Canada.

Ontario Hydro is also threatening to replace the dying nuclear plants with dirty coal-fired power. Energy Probe is advocating an environmentally and economically attractive alternative to the irresponsible coal option, based on the principles of customer choice, efficiency, and tight regulation of polluters. We need your support to ensure that cogeneration and renewable energy, not coal, replace the dying nuclear plants.

Please give generously so we can finish the job.

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