Letter to Bill Clinton

Manuela Krauter

January 14, 1997

Letter to Bill Clinton signed by 171 international organizations and individuals

January 14, 1997

The Honorable William Jefferson Clinton President of the United States of America 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, DC 20500 U.S.A.

Dear President Clinton:

Please do not endorse the proposal to convert warhead plutonium into civilian reactor (MOX) fuel, in your country, or in another country. We fully support the effort by both the United States and Russia to dismantle nuclear weapons. The goal is to make this world safer. A MOX program will not meet this goal. We call upon you, on behalf of concerned citizens, to take a leadership role by turning to other options for making the warhead plutonium unavailable for weapons use.

Putting the plutonium from weapons into a nuclear power reactor still results in the formation of plutonium and additional wastes. In order to truly make the world safer, leaders must choose other options for making plutonium not-bomb-ready.

The use of MOX in the U.S. sends precisely the wrong signal in the effort to end nuclear proliferation. We oppose the use of MOX because of increased reactor hazards, but also because it promotes the plutonium industry. We oppose plans to start reprocessing and the construction of a breeder reactor which are the inevitable outgrowths of a U.S. MOX program. It is time to turn to other sources of energy, that are truly clean, truly cheap and truly safe, without the potential for massive accidents like Chernobyl.

There are technical problems with MOX as well. Use of warhead plutonium in mixed oxide fuel in power reactors in Russia, in the U.S., or elsewhere is highly experimental, and it is an experiment with very risky stakes. Plutonium in the system makes more–and more dangerous–types of radioactivity. This affects the discharges to air and water, and all waste types. Plutonium fuel also affects the fission process itself, making it more difficult to control and leaving an even narrower margin for human error, as well as affecting the physical integrity of the reactor itself.

For all of these reasons, and the many materials accounting and security, transportation concerns and more problems that would appear if the MOX path were taken, we call upon you to reject the MOX fuel option for plutonium disposition in the United States and support our efforts to stop the use of MOX everywhere as well. It is a fine moment in history that we have come this far towards reducing the nuclear threat, but we must be careful now, and not allow falsehoods to take the place of the truth that people require both peace and a safe, clean environment.


Manuela Krauter Global 2000 Vienna, Austria Canada


Manuela Krauter
Global 2000
Vienna, Austria




Norman Rubin

Director of Nuclear Research and Senior Policy Analyst

Energy Probe

Toronto, Ontario

Gordon Edwards, Ph.D.


Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility

Montreal, Quebec

Dr. Rosalie Bertell


International Institute of Concern for Public Health

Toronto, Ontario

Irene Kock

Nuclear Awareness Project

Oxbridge, Ontario

Chaitanya K. Kalevar


United Nations Association in Canada

Toronto Branch

159 Glenholme Ave. Toronto M6E-3C5


Czech Republic


Jan Beranek

Friends of the Earth Czech Republic

Jakubske nam. 7, 602 00 Brno




Dave Knight


Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)





Michael Weiss


Green Party Parliamentary Group in Bavarian Landtag







International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW)

D-10967 Berlin 61




Dr. Surendra Gadekar

Dr. Sanghamitra Gadekar

Mr. Narayan Desai


Sampoorna Kranti Vidyalaya

Vedchhi 394641




Mika Obayashi

Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center


Shigetoshi Iwamatsu

Japan Congress Against A- and H-Bombs (Gensuikin)


Yurika Ayukawa

4-19-6 Kyuden, Setagaya-ku

Tokyo 157


Linas Vainus


Lithuanian Green Movement

P.O. Box 156 LT-3000





World Information Service on Energy

P.O. Box 59636

1040 LC Amsterdam

Dirk Jan Dullemond

Secretary General

Nederlandse Kernstop Coalitie


Ak Malten

Global Anti-Nuclear Alliance

Irisstraat 134

2565 TP Den Haag


New Zealand


Barbara Frame

Peace Action Dunedin





Vladimir Sliviak

International Nuclear Campaigner

Socio-Ecological Union


Lagutov Vladimir


Zelenyi Don

Natalia Mironova


Movement for Nuclear Safety/Chelyabinsk

Pavel Malyshev

Energy Campaigner


Alexandra Koroleva


Center of Environmental Education/Kaliningrad

Olga Pitsunova


Center for Assistance to Citizen Initiatives/Saratov

Mikhail Oisboit


Kalinigrad’s “Chernobyl” Union/Kalinigrad

Alisa Nikulina

Nuclear Campaigner

Rainbow Keepers/Moscow

Natalia Mironova,

President Movement of Nuclear Safety,

454084,Chelyabinsk, Russia

Kaslinskaya 29-12




Lorraine Mann


Scotland Against Nuclear Dumping

Fearn, Rosshire

Kevin Dunion


Friends of the Earth, Scotland




Juraj Krivosik

For Mother Earth Slovokia

P.O. Box 93

Bratislava 814 99


South Africa


Dr. Thomas Auf der Heyde

Department of Chemistry

University of Cape Town




Tage Wallstrom, P.T. P.O.Box 137





Prof. Dr. Leziz Onaran (Chair)

Dr. Derman Boztok

Turkish Health Professionals for Peace and Environment and Against Nuclear Threat

(NUSED) (also IPPNW Branch for Turkiye)

Necatibey Cad. 27/11

06440 Yenisehir-Ankara

Ihsan Catay (Coordinator)

Melda Keskin

Antinuclear Platform-Istanbul

Tarlabasi Bulvari, Istanbul Sanat Merkezi, Kat 3


Aynur Sungur Tuncer (Coordinator)

Ruhtan Gonullu

Nuclear Awareness Working Group

Tesvikiye, Sekayik Sokak, 37/1, Sungur Apt. D/12,

80200 Istanbul

Metin Karadag

HABITAT II (and Agenda 21) Local Monitoring Group

Havyar Sokak, No: 11, Kat: 2

Siraselviler, Cihangir


Fatma Guresin

Editor in Chief

Journal Against War For Peace (Savasa Karsi Baris Dergisi)

Nane Sokak, No: 18, Kat: 3


Umit Tuncel


Environmental News (Cevre Gazetesi)

Nuzhetiye Cad. No: 48, D/3


Seher Karabol


Hope Art Products (Umut Sanat Urunleri)

Halaskargazi Cad. 214/7,

Gaziethempasa Sitesi

80220 Istanbul

Arif Hikmet Iyidogan

Warresisters Association- Istanbul

Nane Sokak, 18/3,

Beyoglu- Istanbul

Osman Murat Ulke (Chair)

Coskun Usterci

Warresisters Association-Izmir

1420 Sokak No: 62, Kat 4, Daire 7


Hale Ozen (Chair)

Sinop Friends of the Environment Association

Okullar Cad. Berguzar Is Hani No: 3


Ismail Duygulu,

Ozden Saldiran

Socialist Greens- Antalya

Ataturk Cad.

Rasit Berberoglu Is Hani, Kat: 3, Daire :8


Asli Delikara

Socialist Greens- Ankara

Selanik Cad. 19/11


Bilge Contepe

Socialist Greens-Bodrum

Cevat Sakir Cad. 175/1


Kaya Ozkaracalar (Coordinator)

Party of Freedom and Solidarity (ODP)

Commission of Ecology

Necatibey Cad. 23/11


Mustafa Tuncaelli (Chair)

Neslihan Terlemez

Marmaris Environmental Protection Association

(Marmaris Cevre Koruma Dernegi)

Halici Is Hani- Kat 2

48700 Marmaris

Gaye Con

BACEP (Western Mediterranean Environmental Platform)

Working Group-Mugla

Gen. Muglali Is Hani, Kat 2, No: 306


Saynur Gelendost (Secretary)

Association of the Volunteers from Bodrum

(Bodrumlu Gonulluler Dernegi)

Baris Mevkii, No: 23


Resat Uygun (Coordinator)

Gokova Coalition for Action

(Gokova Surekli Eylem Kurulu)

Turgut Reis Cad.

Seyfi Ulkumen Apt. Kat 1, No: 17


Ahmet Kizen

Kayakoy Cooperative Society for Tourism

(Kaya Turizmi Gelistirme Kooperatifi)




Eastern Mediterranean Environmental Associations:


Mebruke Turhancik (Chair)

Adana Cevre Gonulluleri Dernegi

Ataturk Parki, Buyuksehir Belediyesi,

Saglik Merkezi, 2. kat,

01120 Adana

Dr. Figen Doran (Chair)

Adana Cevre ve Tuketici Koruma Dernegi (CETKO)

Resat Bey Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Caddesi

Ener Apt. A Blok No: 7,

01120 Adana

Iris Senturk (Chair)

Antakya Cevre Koruma Dernegi

Ihsan Ofset, Vilayet Caddesi

Samiye Dokmeci Is Hani No: 18

31050 Antakya

Nizamettin Sekip Duman (Chair)

Harbiye Cevre ve Dogayi Koruma Dernegi

Ataturk Caddesi No: 40

31080 Harbiye, Antakya

Dr. Adil Bayram (Chair)

Icel Cevre Gonulluleri Dernegi

Istiklal Mahallesi, Emine Kara Is Hani

Kat: 4, No: 35


Semsittin Eser (Chair)

Iskenderun Cevre Koruma Dernegi

Ziya Gokalp Caddesi, No: 12/1

31200 Iskenderun

Hasan Goktekin (Chair)

Kahramanmaras Cevre Koruma Dernegi

SIR Baraji Isletme Muduru

P.K. 96

46100 Kahramanmaras

Mehmet Gocmen (Chair)

Kavasli Cevre Koruma Dernegi

Kavasli Mahallesi

Odabasi Belediyesi


Boysan Boyra (Chair)

Kibris Yesil Baris Hareketi Dernegi

Posta Sokak No: 23/1


Dr. Umur Gursoy (Chair)

Osmaniye Cevre Dostlari Dernegi

Palali Suleyman Caddesi No: 10

(Akdeniz Laboratuari)

01820 Osmaniye

Dr. Sabahattin Teymur (Chair)

Pozanti Cevre Koruma Dernegi

Sebze Hali Civari

01470 Pozanti

Misel Atik (Chair)

Samandag Cevre Koruma ve Turizm Dernegi

Hayuk Pasaji

31800 Samandag

Naim Erturk (Chair)

Kulturel ve Dogal Yasami Koruma Dernegi (KUDYAK)

P.K. 28

33940 Silifke

Tulay Sevgi Can (Chair)

Tarsus Cevre Koruma Kultur ve Sanat Merkezi (CEKSAM)

Ataturk Caddesi, Dabis Han No: 2/12


Oktay Demirkan (Executive Secretary)

The Secretariat of the Eastern Mediterranean Environmental Associations (DACE)

Ziya Gokalp Caddesi No: 12/1

(Yeni Eczane)

31200 Iskenderun

Yasar Ozturk

Arkadas Cevre Grubu

Ilhan Akgun Caddesi No: 12/C

33960 Silifke

Arif Ekim (Chair)

Environmental Protection Association-Yalova

(Cevre Koruma ve Yasatma Dernegi)

Cumhuriyet Cad. 13/10





Alexei Shumilo

Professor of Law




Anatoly I. Zolotukhin,

Chairman, Nikolaev Regional Ecological Association “Zeleny Svit”;

327001, Ukraine, Nikolaev


United States


Michael Mariotte

Executive Director

Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Washington DC

Harvey Wasserman

Senior Advisor

Greenpeace USA

Scott Denman

Executive Director

Safe Energy Communication Council

Washington DC

Laura Kriz

Legislative and Field Director

20/20 Vision National Project

Washington DC

Native Youth Alliance

Washington DC

Gordon S. Clark

Executive Director

Peace Action

John W. Winchester


Sierra Club National Nuclear Waste Task Force

Pamela S. Meidell


The Atomic Mirror/Earth Trust Foundation

Port Hueneme, California

Dan Coleman

Orange County Greens

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Van Crandall

Sierra Club, North Carolina Chapter

Raleigh, North Carolina

David Ellison

Northeast Ohio Greens, Greens/Green Party USA

Cleveland, Ohio

Ann Hunt

Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination

Lake, Michigan

Dr. Judith H. Johnsrud, Ph.D.


Environmental Coalition on Nuclear Power

State College, Pennsylvania

Mavis Belisle

Peace Farm

Armarillo, Texas

Cliff Honicker, Executive Director

Jackie Kittrell, General Counsel

American Environmental Health Studies Project

Knoxville, Tennessee

Marvin Resnikoff

Radioactive Waste Management Associates

New York, NY

Scott D. Portzline

Security Committee Chairman

Three Mile Island Alert

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Ernest Goitein

Bay Area Nuclear Waste Coalition

San Francisco, California

Bruce Drew

for the Steering Committee

Prairie Island Coalition

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mike Ewall

Director, “Low-Level” Radioactive Waste Leadership Network

Pennsylvania Environmental Network

Tom Goldtooth

Indigenous Environmental Network, national office

Bemidji, Minnesota

Ron Stanchfield

Peconic Greens

East Hampton, New York

Preston Truman



Pocatello, Idaho

John LaForge

Bonnie Urfer


Luck, Wisconsin

Yvonne Hartnett

Tehachapi Residents Against Pollution

Tehachapi, California

Jane Williams

Desert Citizens Against Pollution

Rosamond, California

Stormy Williams

California Communities Against Toxics

Rosamond, California

Daniel Roman

The Desert Rebellion/Don’t Waste the Desert

Indio, California

Roland Valentine

Southern Kern Residents Against Pollution

Rosamond, California

Lyle Talbot

Hi-Desert Citizens Against Pollution

Lancaster, California

Barbara Wiedner

Grandmothers for Peace International

Elk Grove, California

Bonita McKowen, President

Santa Fe Chapter

Grandmothers for Peace International

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Corine Thornton, President

Hayward Chapter

Grandmothers for Peace International

Hayward, California

Jan Provost

Northland Chapter

Grandmothers for Peace

Superior, Wisconsin

Ted Tourlentes

Prairie Alliance

Dahinda, Illinois

Barbara Hickernell

Alliance to Close Indian Point

Ossining, New York

William deCamp, Jr.

Nancy McGreevy

Oyster Creek Nuclear Watch

New Jersey

Peg Ryglisyn/Michael Albrizio

Connecticut Opposed to Waste

Broad Brook, Connecticut

Patricia T. Birnie, Chair

GE Stockholders’ Alliance for a Sustainable, Nuclear-Free Future

Tucson, Arizona

Betty Schroeder, Chair

Arizona Safe Energy Coalition

Tucson, Arizona

Molly Johnson

Tori Woodard

Save Ward Valley

Needles, California

Marilyn Elie

Indian Point Project

Cortlandt Manor, New York

Francis U. Macy

Director, Center for Safe Energy

Earth Island Institute

San Francisco, California

Corbin Harney

Executive Director

Shundahai Network

Las Vegas, Nevada

Jennifer Olaranna Viereck


Healing Global Wounds

Boulder Creek, California

James DeMeo, Ph.D.

Orgone Biophysical Research Lab

Ashland, Oregon

Jeff Krolick

Clinical Director

Options for Southern Oregon

Mr Tim McAllister,

Chief Operations Officers for WIRELESS PLUS COMMUNICATIONS, INC.,

wireless R&D labatory

President for BROADLINK COMMUNICATIONS, INC., high speed wireless

internet provider

Secretary for WIRELESS PLUS OF SANTA ROSA, INC., wireless cable TV


Kaz Tanahashi, Director

Plutonium Free Future

Berkeley, California USA

Wendy Oser, Director

Nuclear Guardianship Project

Berkeley California USA

NC Triangle Chapter

Womens International League for Peace and Freedom

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

NC Triangle Chapter

Physicians for Social Responsibility

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Colby Lowe

United Nations Representative

Peace Action

New York, New York

Lorraine Krofchok, Coordinator

Grandmothers for Peace

Southeast Chapter

Alpharetta, Georgia

Sally Stepath, Dave Kraft

Nuclear Energy Information Service

Evanston, Illinois.

Marylia Kelley

Tri-Valley CAREs

Livermore, California

Rudi H. Nussbaum, Ph.D.

Charles M. Grossman, M.D.

Northwest Radiation Health Alliance

Portland, Oregon

Mary Ann Beattie, M.D.

Physicians for Social Responsibility, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas

John Runkle, President

Conservation Council of North Carolina

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Charles Margulis


Westchester People’s Action Coalition

New York

Alice Slater

Global Resource Action Center for the Environment (GRACE)

New York, New York

Marty Grey

Women Speak Out for Peace and Justice/WILPF

Cleveland, Ohio

Elizabeth Apfelberg

San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace

San Luis Obispo, California

Richard Nielsen

Citizen Alert

Las Vegas, Nevada

John Knox

Earth Island Institute

San Francisco, California

Francis Chiappa, Ph.D.

Cleveland Peace Action

Cleveland, Ohio

Tim Fish

New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution

Brattleboro, Vermont

Alice Hirt

Toledo Coalition for Safe Energy

Toledo, Ohio

Mary Byrd Davis


Ygdrasil Institute

Georgetown, Kentucky

Jack Igel


Sacramento/Yolo Peace Action

Sacramento, California

Dan Hirsch

Committee to Bridge the Gap

Los Angeles, California

Mary Schmuck, RSM

Brooklyn, New York

Kathleen Sullivan, Tom Marshall, LeRoy Moore

Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center

Boulder, Colorado

Andy Caffrey, director

Climate Action NOW!

Berkeley, California

Alden Bryant, president

Earth Regeneration Society

Berkeley, California

Lynn Sims

Colleen O’Neil

Lloyd Marbet

Greg Kafoury

Don’t Waste Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Joseph DeMare

Voters for Environmental Conservation

Alden, New York


Basil M. Kyriakakis

Forest Inholders Guarding Habitat Together

Parks Arkansas

Karin Lee Norton

Member of Green Party of Connecticut, Eastern CT Chapter

Storrs, Connecticut

Christopher E. Williams

Executive Director

Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana, Inc.

Roger Snyder

Long Island SHAD (Sound & Hudson against Atomic Development)

Smithtown, New York

Marion Pack

Alliance for Survival

Santa Ana, California

Diane Conn Darling

Editor of The Green Man magazine

Point Arena, California

Alexandra Hart

Editor, The AHP Perspective

Association of Humanistic Psychology

Sebastopol, California

Robert L. Fies, M.D.

Integrative Health and Medicine Services

Santa Rosa, California

Nicholas Lenssen

Energy Researcher

Boulder, Colorado

Steve Cohn


Department of Economics

Knox College


Steve Wing

Department of Epidemiology

School of Public Health

University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

John J. Metz

Dept of History and Geography

Northern Kentucky University

Highland Heights, Kentucky

Dr. Ritchie Lowry

Good Money, Inc., & Boston College

Boston, Massacusetts

John W. Travis, M.D., MPH


Wellness Associates

Faber, Virginia

Ted Nickerson

National Director


(The Sacred Hoop of America Resource Exchange)

Greenwich, Connecticut

Chuck Johnson, Board Member,

Center for Energy Research

Salem, Oregon

Kirsten Randall


Wild Earth Action Squad for Eco-Liberation

Charlottesville, Virginia

Richard Boren

Southwest Toxic Watch

El Paso Texas

John Coover

Madison, Wisconsin

Portia Maureen Sinnott

Small Business Owner

Sebastopol, California

Glenn Cheney

Hanover, Connecticut

John M. Miller

War Resisters League


Diane J. Peterson

White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Member of the Religious Society of Friends

at the Twin Cities Friends Meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota


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