Letter to Mike Harris, urging temporary nuclear shutdown

Tom Adams

October 12, 2001

Mike Harris, Premier of Ontario

Dear Mr. Premier,

Because of the threat of a terrorist attack, we urge you to immediately order the temporary shutdown of the 12 nuclear power reactors now operable in Ontario. Ontario can rely on additional coal-fired and oil-fired production and, if necessary, electricity imports from neighboring provinces to meet our needs for the immediate future. Ontario is in a period of low electricity demand and has substantial fossil generating and import capacity at this time, allowing you to take this precautionary move without interrupting service to customers.

A terrorist attack on a nuclear power station, when operating, could kill tens of thousands of Ontarians and cause hundreds of billions of dollars in damage to property. An attack on a reactor that has been temporarily shut down poses no risk of a terrorist induced meltdown.

Having taken a decision to put Ontario’s reactors in safe condition, we urge you to publicly announce this fact as a further measure to reduce risk to Ontarians.


Tom Adams
Executive Director

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