Meters obsolete

Glen N. Tolhurst
Toronto Star
July 10, 2002

Click here to read Tom Adams’ letter, “Clear away barriers for smart electricity meters.”

Letter to the Editor
Re: Clear away barriers for smart electricity meters, July 8.

In his letter, Tom Adams of Energy Probe brought to light the lack of effort by electrical utilities (other than Milton Hydro) to truly serve their customers in the 21st century.

The use of obsolete electro-mechanical meters with the rotating disk and dials allows the utilities to bill customers based on an average price of electricity. Surely, in this age of microprocessor technology, there is the ability, if not the drive, to design and build a low-cost, solid-state consumption meter to permit the customer to plan off-peak power usage and to be billed for actual, time-of-day-based usage.

There must be a Canadian company that could step up to the plate to profitably build and market such a device.

Glen N. Tolhurst



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