Energy Probe’s letter to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Tom Adams

September 6, 2002

September 6, 2002

Linda J. Keen
President and CEO
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Faxed to: (613) 995-5086

Dear Ms. Keen:

Energy Probe is concerned that the deteriorating financial condition of British Energy could have negative safety implications for the operation of the Bruce Nuclear Power Development.

We suggest that the CNSC immediately and significantly expand its on-site inspection staff located at the Bruce Nuclear Power Development. NSC site staff should be directed to be particularly alert to those instances where the interests of safety and production conflict, such as the scheduling of inspections, the provision of resources for preventative maintenance, and control room operations. CNSC site staff should also be alert to human factors such as morale and the availability and attention of executive staff.

Historically, the structure of nuclear regulation in Canada put the responsibility for safety on the shoulders of the licensed operator, with the safety regulator performing an audit role. Following from this approach, on-site regulatory staff was small in number. We believe that this approach is not appropriate in circumstances when the licenced operator is suffering extreme financial distress.


Tom Adams
Executive Director

cc: Mr. Duncan Hawthorne, Bruce Power, Fax: (519) 361-3340


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