Deniers review: by George Gilder of

April 30, 2008

For investors who know that human-caused global warming is hokum, as proved by the new book The Deniers by Lawrence Solomon, this is a supreme moment of contrarian upside promise.

Solomon shows that hundreds of the most prestigious and knowledgeable scientists in the field, from paramount physicist Freeman Dyson to venerable climatologist Reid Bryson, are debunking the climate catastrophists. But a clueless U.S. venture capital community keeps on throwing their investors’ money at futile chimeras based on the idea of a climate crisis.

Even Silicon Valley paragons such as Vinod Khosla, John Doerr and the Google boys are promoting potted plant investments to suck up CO2 and angling for sunbeam subsidies from Washington. Going so far as to hire Laureate Lobbyist Al Gore, Kleiner-Perkins – once the pantheon of venture capital – has become a florid greenhouse full of climate cranks and weather bores.

Meanwhile, behind their backs, the world is cool and the Internet economy is heating up.


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