The climate change deniers

Shawn Macomber
The Washington Times
May 6, 2008

The Deniers is a timely, necessary antidote to a political and scientific discussion poisoned by hubristic groupthink and the kind of scorched earth (mis)behavior that inevitably arises when a movement becomes so uncritically wedded to the commandments of a pseudo-religion its adherents would rather destroy their adversaries than risk debating them.

The debate over anthropogenic that is, human induced climate change, is, in other words, just a bit more complicated than Al Gore suggested on “Oprah.” Few books have captured this cognitive dissonance as well as The Deniers, Mr. Solomon’s essential, engrossing travelogue through the world of climate-change dissent.”

Read the full review, here.

Shawn Macomber is a contributing editor to The American Spectator.

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