Global warming? Tell that to the residents of Churchill, Manitoba

Recent meteorological evidence shows that temperatures over the past two months were far below average in parts of Canada. According to blogger Joseph D’Aleo, “parts of central Canada (Churchill, Manitoba) are running 16 degrees F below normal for the month through the 26th (map ends 24th).”

Don’t talk to the residents in Churchill about global warming—every day this month they’ve had to deal with below freezing temperatures. Worse still, in only 6 out of the first 26 days were they blessed with temperatures above freezing.

Average May Temperature

D’Aleo also points out that, “parts of the south central region were also cold in April averaging 3-5 F below normal. The winter (December to March) was a cold one for southwest and central Canada but warmer in the far northeast.”

Spring? They’re still experiencing snow – with forecasts calling for more of the white stuff in Churchill today and possibly over the weekend.

The article also pointed out that, “the arctic ice remains higher this year than for any year this decade in a virtual tie with 2004.”

Click here for a link to the article. 

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