Hydro deal with Ontario in the works

Montreal CBC

October 21, 2003

Montreal: Ontario Premier-elect Dalton McGuinty and Jean Charest agreed Monday to try to resuscitate a long-delayed transmission line between Ontario and Quebec.

The transmission line, which was first talked about in 1999, would bring about 1,200 megawatts of electricity into Ontario.

Ontario’s Hydro One was supposed to have it built by last year, but the project was put on hold.

McGuinty, who was elected earlier this month, hasn’t given up on it.

"What we intend to do is to look for ways to establish some kinds of agreements that will enable us to rely on a greater extent on the province of Quebec," said McGuinty.

But many observers believe that Ontario may have a hard time persuading Hydro-Québec to go ahead with its end of the transmission line.

Energy Probe‘s Tom Adams said it was never in Quebec’s interest to allow exports of power to Ontario.

"The electricity demand in Quebec is now at the level where Quebec has to build new generating stations—they don’t have any surplus power," said Adams.

Adams said he believes nothing will happen in the short term.

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