Lawrence Solomon: Global warming doomsayers continue to lose ground

Fewer and fewer people accept the argument that global warming is a threat to the planet, according to the latest Rasmussen Poll, and even those who fear climate change don’t necessarily blame human activities. Meanwhile, those who had been agnostic on global warming are deciding that global warming is a natural phenomenon.

In September, amid the press hype associated with the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, the number of Americans who blamed man rose to 42%. Following the Copenhagen Conference and the revelations about Climategate, many of those 42% lost their confidence in the validity of the man-made theory and switched into the “not sure” category. Only 33% of American voters still believe that humans are primarily to blame for global warming.

Meanwhile, those who had been in the “not sure” camp decided that natural causes were most likely behind global warming. Just 8% remain “not sure” on this issue.

A majority of those polled – 54% – continue to believe that global warming is a problem, albeit one caused by nature. This number has declined from 62% a year ago, as has the number who consider global warming a very serious problem – just 29% still do.

Lawrence Solomon, Financial Post, April 20, 2010

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