Calling the green job bluff

There appears to be a never-ending green light for policies supporting green jobs—which would be fine, if these jobs were real. Yet, a number of critics and private research have shown they are not. The latest example comes from Pennsylvania.

According to recent stories, the state could create as many as 129,000 green jobs if it simply increased its alternative-energy mandates.

But, says one critic, the supposed green jobs were really "job years" over a 15-year period—and still that number was overestimated by 93,000 job years. The real number of sustainable jobs that would be created from higher alternative energy mandates is around 2,000.

And the cost of those jobs? The higher alternative-energy standards are expected to cost $1-billion a year over the next 12 years—meaning each new job would actually cost $6-million.  

What would you buy for $6-million?

Energy Probe is a keen supporter of renewable energy. We believe renewable energy has the ability to diversify our electricity supply, while allowing for more decentralized sources of power for consumers. But we’re not in favour of throwing massive subsides at forms of energy that are not technically or economically feasible.

Read the previous gangrene economy report, "A leaky green economy " here.

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