Lawrence Solomon: Yale flunks global warming

(Oct. 18, 2010) If you aren’t confident that humans are responsible for warming the planet, you may be judged a dunce, according to a new Yale University survey entitled “Americans’ Knowledge of Climate Change.”

Think that scientists “can’t possibly predict the climate of the future,” or that “scientists’ computer models are too unreliable to predict the climate of the future?” If you answer “Probably true,” to these two survey questions, Yale’s researchers mark you as ignorant.

Perhaps you think it probable that “Global warming is happening, but will be more beneficial than harmful.” Or that “The Earth is actually cooling, not warming.”  Dumb, dumb, decides Yale, which concluded “only 8% of Americans have knowledge equivalent to an A or B, 40% would receive a C or D, and 52% would get an F.”

In truth, if you did make these “mistakes,” you’d be in good company. Yale’s researchers would also have flunked Princeton’s Freeman Dyson, America’s best known scientist, Claude Allegre, France’s best known scientist , and World Federation of Scientists President Antonino Zichichi, Italy’s best known scientist, among thousands of others.

The researchers – a group at the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication — are wrong-headed in making assertions that no one can prove or disprove: All computer models to date have failed to predict the climate, as one example. The researchers are also too-often embarrassingly wrong. They believe that melting Antarctic ice has been raising global sea levels when satellite data from the European Space Agency – an authority in the field – shows the opposite to be true. They highlight ignoramuses who think that aerosol cans might have something to do with global warming, not realizing that credible peer-reviewed research at University of Waterloo shows otherwise: CFCs, the agent in aerosol cans, was indeed responsible for global warming, says Qing-Bin Lu, a professor of physics and astronomy. They treat as myth the notion that the Sun could explain the global warming seen in recent decades.

The headline from Yale University’s press release: “Most Americans Lack Basic Knowledge of Climate Issues, Study Finds.”

My headline: “Yale University scientists lack basic knowledge of climate issues.”
Lawrence Solomon is executive director of
Energy Probe and the author of The Deniers. The Yale survey can be found here.

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1 Response to Lawrence Solomon: Yale flunks global warming

  1. Quixote says:

    This massive Global Warming Lie has been foisted upon every single University in the World for over 30 plus years now and massive amounts of money has been invested into promoting this lie by the UN and it’s “foot soldiers”, the NGO’s of the world.

    No wonder it will take another lengthy period to root these misinformed professors and studies out of the curriculum of so-called “places of higher learnin’!”

    People who pay tens of thousands of dollars to be educated and obtain some letters behind their name find it very difficult to allow themselves to say they have been “duped” by the very people they have respected for so many years!

    Once the tide of reality gets going full steam ahead I wouldn’t want to be one of these Professors who are still preaching this “bilious and disgusting crap called Global Warming!”

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