Parker Gallant: Open letter to Minister of Energy Brad Duguid

(Dec. 02, 2010) Parker Gallant asks Ontario’s Minister of Energy, Brad Duguid, if he would be willing to openly debate the merits of the province’s Long Term Energy Plan.

The Honourable Minister of Energy Brad Duguid:

Last night you appeared on the “Goldhawk Live” TV show carried on Rogers Cable Network. Your appearance was to answer questions related to your Ministry‘s release of the Long Term Energy Plan.

I was the first caller on the show. I presented a question in respect to the costs associated with the nuclear refurbishment and new nuclear build and challenged you on the projected costs of that part of the “plan”.

I was most disappointed to note you essentially tried to deflect the question by referring to me as a “self-appointed guru”.

Had you challenged me in the Legislature using the same description, the Honourable Steve Peters, Speaker of the Ontario Legislature would have admonished you and asked you to withdraw your remark. From my personal perspective this is representative of the way your Ministry and the Liberal Government have treated the people of this province despite your rhetoric about dirty coal plants, clean air, caring for families, students and seniors.

I was challenging you on the bad economics of your energy plan and you reverted to name calling to discredit my stature and my ability to ask intelligent questions!

If you really think I am a “self-appointed guru” I would like to challenge you in an open debate on the economic aspects of your Long Term Energy Plan. I am prepared to do this in an attempt to bring true debate to the plan.

This “self-appointed guru” will point out to you how your Government is creating a legacy of debt that my grandchildren will be burdened with for decades beyond 2030. Your plan will generate a millstone for the ratepayers and taxpayers of this province and an electricity system that will be in much worst shape in 2030 than when your party came to power.

You will create another huge legacy of “stranded debt”.

Are you up for the challenge?

Yours truly,

Parker Gallant

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