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Hydro Ottawa latest distributor to say customers are fine with higher rates

(May 26, 2015) Hydro Ottawa is telling the Ontario Energy Board that its customers support its rate hike proposal.

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Hydro Ottawa halts replacement of older smart meters

(January 8, 2014) The move follows an Ontario Energy Board ruling that stops the utility from billing customers for cost. “Replacing meters while they are still functional simply because there is new technology available is a never-ending cycle,” Energy Probe said in its submission. “There will always be something new tomorrow.” Continue reading

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Hydro Ottawa told to cut costs

Ontario Energy Board also directs utility to scrap flat fee for smart meters. Meanwhile, interveners — including Energy Probe and the Consumers Council of Canada — argues Hydro Ottawa dramatically overstated its 2012 expenses, and maintains they could readily be reduced by $5 million or more. Continue reading

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