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Economic model underlying green energy not sustainable, says Guelph economist

(June 9, 2011) GUELPH – An economist at the University of Guelph says if Ontario’s experiment with green energy is similar to what’s happened in the European Union (EU), the province can look forward to higher taxes, a net loss of jobs, and little difference in terms of green house gas emissions. Continue reading

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Ontario’s Green Energy Backlash: Politicians Exploit Growing Opposition To Wind Turbines, Solar

(May 27, 2011) Ian Harvey of the Huffington Post takes a look at how newbie premier Hubak’s proposed policy changes will affect renewable energy in the province of Ontario. The entry notes Energy Probe’s conclusions that the FIT scheme is a “disaster” as it breeds reliance on nuclear energy on days when the weather is not conducive to renewable energy generation. Continue reading

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Ontario’s Green Energy Act: Explained in animation

(December 01, 2010) Energy Probe is mentioned in this comedic look at the Ontario Green Energy Act. Continue reading

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Green goals, bigger bills

(Nov. 26, 2010) Former executive director of Energy Probe Tom Adams tells the Toronto Star that the Green Energy Act is politicizing energy in Ontario and placing utility regulation in the hands of a cabinet that rules by directives. Continue reading

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Ontario’s Crusade to Cut Coal

(Oct. 26, 2010) Ken Silverstein looks at Ontario’s quest to eliminate coal-fired power plants. Continue reading

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