Nuclear and Grid Security Update

Tom Adams

October 11, 2001

Apparently partially in response to requests from the Mayor of Clarington and Energy Probe, the Canadian Department of National Defense has fighter aircraft stationed at Trenton as of last week. These aircraft are integrated in the NORAD system.

The minimum flight ceilings around some nuclear facilities have been doubled to 3000 feet.

Apparently directly in response to CTV coverage in late September where Energy Probe demonstrated the accessibility of real-time data about the flow of power on parts of the electricity grid in Canada — information that could assist attackers in planning a potentially debilitating disruption of our power system – some of the sensitive information has been removed from the publicly accessible web and is now password protected. One example you can check for yourself is

The federal Ministry of the Solicitor General replied by telephone today to our letter of September 15th addressed to the Prime Minister, the Defense Minister, and the Solicitor General detailing specific gaps in the security regime for nuclear power and nuclear waste facilities. The federal Ministry of the Solicitor General indicated that we will have to wait until December or January for a reply to our letter.


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