Temporary nuclear shutdown recommended to deny terrorists targets

Tom Adams

October 12, 2001

Energy Probe, a national environmental think tank, has called on the premiers of New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario to immediately order the temporary closure of the nuclear power reactors operating in their respective provinces.

A terrorist attack on an operating nuclear power station, particularly one of those located in the densely populated Toronto region could kill tens of thousands of people and cause hundred of billions of dollars in damage to property. An attack on a reactor that has been temporarily shut down poses no risk of a terrorist induced meltdown.

Quebec and New Brunswick each have one operable reactor and Ontario has 12 operable reactors. All the power reactors in Canada, except for the reactor in Quebec, are located close to the U.S. border.

Energy Probe has suggested that the lost power can be made up from additional coal-fired or oil-fired power production and, in the case of Quebec, additional hydro-electric production. Sufficient reserve capacity is available to maintain service to power consumers.


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