Letter to Bernard Landry, urging temporary nuclear shutdown

Tom Adams

October 12, 2001

Bernard Landry, Premier Ministre du Québec

Dear Mr. Premier,

Because of the threat of a terrorist attack, we urge you to immediately order the temporary shutdown of the Gentille II reactor now operable in Québec. Hydrology conditions are improving in Québec and the province can also rely on additional oil-fired production if needed for the immediate future. You can take this precautionary move without interrupting service to customers.

A terrorist attack on a nuclear power station, when operating, could kill thousands of people in the region and cause billions of dollars in damage to property. An attack on a reactor that has been temporarily shut down poses no risk of a terrorist induced meltdown.

Having taken a decision to put Québec’s reactor in safe condition, we urge you to publicly announce this fact as a further measure to reduce risk to Quebeckers.


Tom Adams
Executive Director

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