Persistent, stealthy nuclear PR

Tom Adams
The Toronto Star
June 8, 2005

Letter to the Editor

The letter “Getting figures wrong: U.N. monitoring committee sees no rise in number of birth defects or leukemia, only in thyroid cancer” published June 6th, was authored by a nuclear industry employee, Andrew Daley. Unfortunately, Mr. Daley failed to identify his affiliation when attempting to argue that the Chernobyl accident only caused 1,800 extra cancers thus far.

Mr. Daley engaged in the same stealth public relations on behalf of his industry when he recently wrote a letter to the editor of the New Brunswick Telegraph Journal newspaper, published May 13, extolling the benefits of nuclear refurbishment. The nuclear industry has engaged in this type of stealth PR for many years, attempting to create the impression of public support for its activities.

Tom Adams, Energy Probe

A copy of Andrew Daley’s letter to the New Brunswick Telegraph Journal can be viewed at:

A copy of Energy Probe’s letter to the New Brunswick Telegraph Journal identifying Mr. Daley’s nuclear connection is as follows:

Stealth Nuclear PR

Andrew Daley, who wrote May 13, 2005, supporting the refurbishment of the Point Lepreau station (Energy options: nuclear will put its money where its mouth is – given chance), failed to disclose in his letter that he is a nuclear industry employee working for Ontario Power Generation at the Darlington nuclear station. Mr. Daley’s stealth PR on behalf of his industry was also grossly inaccurate. He claims that the Cernavoda Unit 1 reactor, completed in 1996 in Romania, was done on time. In fact that reactor was ordered in 1978 and originally due for completion in the early 1980s.

Tom Adams, Energy Probe

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