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Looking to lower Ontario power rates? Start with Pickering, where $550 million will be wastefully spent

The economic argument to keep Pickering open past 2020 relies on an analysis that requires some far apart stars to align. Brady Yauch for Consumer Policy Institute. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Now that the global warming era is nearing an end, the Third World can breathe easier

Treating the Third World as a global warming guinea pig damaged it along with the West. Continue reading

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The Kinder Morgan pipeline: permits or permission?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline has raised a storm of protest about its predicted impacts on the orcas, climate change, First Nations’ rights, as well as concerns about the project’s “flawed” approval process and lack of “social licence”. Lawyer Andrew Roman contextualizes some of the hot-button issues raised by critics. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Americans are finally overthrowing political correctness run amok

Without pro-active governments taking on Big Brother roles, political correctness would be an irrelevant factor in the economy and in our lives. Continue reading

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This time is different: OPG says its megaproject not like the others

(October 11, 2016) Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is confident that its new megaproject will do the impossible: come in on time and on budget.

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Lawrence Solomon: If voters want to rip up Ontario’s outrageous renewable energy contracts, the courts won’t stop them

The implication that cancelling odious solar and wind contracts would scare off investors defies history and lacks credibility. Continue reading

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Ontario won’t be able to reduce soaring hydro costs anytime soon, say experts

(September 9, 2016) Don’t expect any quick fixes for Ontario’s soaring hydro rates.

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