Brr! The climate cools for reality-deniers

Melanie Phillips
The Spectator (U.K.)
May 20, 2008

Columnist Melanie Phillips in her review of The Deniers for the U.K.’s The Spectator magazine, writes the “provocatively entitled” Deniers “shows that not only is the fabled climate change ‘consensus’ itself a sham but the so-called MMGW (Man-Made Global Warming) ‘deniers’ are by far the more accomplished and distinguished scientists than those pushing the theory as a settled and incontrovertible truth. A number of them indeed, are so eminent they were used as experts by the IPCC — but then came to realise that this was an innately corrupted process and that even some of their own work was being abused and distorted in order to promulgate the false doctrine of MMGW.”

Read on.

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