The Deniers: Global Warming advocate rethinks position (The Daily News-Record)
May 27, 2008

Lawrence Solomon works for Energy Probe, a Canadian environmentalist group dedicated to opposing the nuclear-power industry. Mr. Solomon also writes a weekly column for Toronto’s National Post and is aligned to the Urban Renaissance Institute. One, therefore, might consider him a tried-and-true believer in the concept of man-made global warming. And yes, he was.

The key word in the preceding paragraph is, of course, “was.” Some time ago, Mr. Solomon decided to probe the minds of scientists derisively called “The Deniers” (think “Holocaust deniers”) because they refused to join the gadarene rush to the supposed global warming “consensus.” After months of interviews and writing, here is what Mr. Solomon has concluded.

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The News-Record publishes over 32,000 copies a day for readers in four Virginia counties and three counties in West Virginia. The total estimated readership daily is more than 80,000 (based on the nationally-proven formula of about 2.5 readers per issue).

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