The Hydrogen Debate

June 23, 2008

The CBC Radio series, “The Hydrogen Solution,” features a debate between Energy Probe‘s Norm Rubin and hydrogen expert David Sanborn Scott. This debate is now available for download online, via podcast.

To recap:


Ideas, CBC Radio One

Energy is not just a fuel. It’s an entire system that links our civilization together, says David Sanborn Scott, a hydrogen energy
expert. Energy is like a currency: it can be used like money for different purposes. Throughout history, new energy sources and
systems have replaced old ones. Understanding how this works is essential to combating catastrophic climate change. The series (originally broadcast over three nights from Tuesday, May 13, to Thursday, May 15) ends with a debate between David Scott and Norm Rubin of Energy Probe.

The debate between Norm Rubin and David Scott is available for download via podcast, here:

All three episodes in the series are available here: 

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