Dr. Leonard Weinstin (former NASA Senior Research Scientist) Shows How AGW Is Not A Problem

April 27, 2009

Dr. Leonard Weinstein worked 45 years at the NASA Langley Research Center, finishing his career there as a Senior Research Scientist. Dr. Weinstein is presently a Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute of Aerospace. He is now a critic of the anthropogenic theory of global warming. His analysis shows that man has contributed less than 0.30C of warming and by the year 2100 may contribute less than 0.40C additional warming. This is much less than what the United Nations IPCC has predicted and of course a small fraction of what alarmists such as Al Gore and James Hansen have predicted.

Below is a summary of Dr. Weinstein’s work, we highly recommend you follow the links to read the complete papers. His work is compelling and is yet one more example of a prominent scientist that disagrees with the anthropogenic theory of global warming.

“Preparing for the possibility of an impending ice age along with the possible consequences of a reduction in Earth’s magnetic field are real concerns. Concern with relatively small effects of possible anthropogenic caused global warming is a misplaced distraction, and will probably lead to the public losing confidence in scientists, and could weaken the support needed when real problems occur.”

“Decreasing availability of oil and anthropogenic pollution (not greenhouse gasses) are real issues. Acid rain, smog, and dirty water sources do need to be fixed. The problems associated with high fuel prices, and dependence on sources of energy from possibly less than friendly foreign countries are critical. While we can’t solve the problems with a single magic bullet, more nuclear power plants, along with wind and Solar power, could fill much of the gap. There are solutions, but first we have to identify the correct problems.”

Click here to read a brief bio of Dr. Leonard Weinstein

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1 Response to Dr. Leonard Weinstin (former NASA Senior Research Scientist) Shows How AGW Is Not A Problem

  1. Charles McKinnon says:

    At the age of 17 I spent two semesters at Florida State University as a freshman. I am enjoying the game of chess, so I joined the chess club. I recall one event which was much too intense to fade in the memory of the event. One of the more prominent members of the chess club had permitted a group tournament to be set up in the student center. There were 20 something chess boards set up in a circle intended to play against one long player. His name as I recall was Leonard Weinstein. This very remarkable chessplayer went around the circle and responded to every move as if he were only playing that one board. When the event was over it was determined that he had won every game except two stalemates. I felt blessed to be one of those two stalemates. I have not yet played against a stronger player. I would like to know if this is the same Leonard Weinstein? If so I would like him to know I am an admirer.
    Charles McKinnon
    4770 Old Buttermilk Road
    Cottondale, AL 35453

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