A skeptical public

Energy Probe

December 1, 2009

To kick off tonight’s Munk debate on climate change, the CBC invited Energy Probe’s Executive Director Lawrence Solomon and Dale Marshall, a climate change policy analyst for the David Suzuki Foundation, to answer questions from the public on the climate change debate.

Surprisingly, many of the questions received by Mr. Solomon and Mr. Marshall were skeptical of the conventional wisdom that global warming is a serious threat to our society.

Tonight’s debate couldn’t come at a more interesting time for both supporters and skeptics of climate change. Last week a hacker stole vital climate change information from servers at the University of East Anglia in England. What the stolen information reportedly shows is that scientists who support the climate change theory appear to have doctored information and quashed dissent in order to support their ideas. Bloggers are now referring to the incident as “Climategate”.

To read the response to the questions, click here.

To read his most recent column, “Google’s climate ‘scholars’ ” in the Financial Post, click here.

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