Larry Solomon discusses the Ontario wind power controversy on BNN

(February 24, 2011) Energy Probe executive director Lawrence Solomon appeared on BNN’s SqueezePlay on Tuesday to discuss the Ontario government’s decision to scrap off shore wind generation.  Click the link below to watch the video.

Squeezeplay: February 22, 2011: Ontario Wind Power Controversy

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2 Responses to Larry Solomon discusses the Ontario wind power controversy on BNN

  1. Sean Holt says:

    I’m still incredulous that these wind operators still try and compare wind to other more reliable forms of generation. Even if we could convert the wind’s energy to electricity a ZERO dollar cost, it would STILL not be worth the effort! It is just too random, intermittent, and unreliable with too great an environmental impact to be of any industrial use!

    At some point, our politico’s will find their lost brains!

    I hope it’s soon!

  2. Sean Holt says:


    The arguments against nuclear energy are as ill conceived as the technology that spawned those arguments.

    First, whatever “stranded” debt that resulted from Ontario’s CANDU’s was paid off years ago. Current debt is new expenditures since our friend Dalton came to power in 2003-04.

    As for nuclear waste fuel… Still containing over 98% of its original energy it is actually fuel not waste. And yes there is very well developed technology that can extract it all!

    As for water use, the Rankin steam cycle is not as efficient as a closed Brayton cycle using argon, nitrogen or CO2 gas working fluids. Water is not needed.

    Natural gas is an environmental disaster especially if “fracking” is used to extract it from rock shales.

    Clean coal is a myth! If you think wind and solar are uneconomical, you ain’t seen nothing yet! There is a farmer in Saskatchewan that can tell you all about the success of “carbon sequestration”. NOT!

    Humanity has but one energy answer for which no new technology needs to be developed: Integral Fast Breeder Reactors.

    Never heard of them? Google it!

    Just because a resource is abundant today and an economical argument, even one that is very warped, can be made for its exploitation, it does not necessarily follow that this should come to pass.

    IFR’s can supply all of humanity with all of the pollution free energy (comparatively speaking) we will ever need –FOREVER!

    Lawrence; your energy solutions are not solutions to anything. But they do create lots of problems.

    Even so , they are still better then industrial wind turbines!

    Sean Holt.

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