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Lawrence Solomon: Carbon bounties (not taxes) could save us from the next Little Ice Age

With scientists increasingly predicting a long period of global cooling, we may need incentives to put additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Continue reading

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Ontario’s Auditor General Slams the Province’s Pending Cap and Trade Fiasco

(December 2, 2016) Ontario’s Auditor General tells the public what’s really going to happen when the province introduces its cap and trade program. Hint: it’s not pretty.

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Wikipedia and the climate non-debate

(April 8, 2016) “Wikipedia has emerged as an influential tool used by climate alarmists against climate change realists, who are unwilling to accept political proclamations there is an indisputable consensus humans are causing catastrophic climate change.” Ron Arnold for the Heartland Institute draws on Lawrence Solomon’s experience with ‘Wikibullies’ for this commentary. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Solomon’s uncanny scorecard

Lawrence Solomon gives himself a performance assessment and it’s “pretty good”. Continue reading

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5 reasons to oppose Ontario’s cap and trade proposal

(December 11, 2015) Our letter to Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change on why a cap and trade program is a poor idea.

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Lawrence Solomon: Nature needs a hand

The tar sands sites will leave a lasting man-made legacy that will be more enjoyed by humans than the sullied lands they found. Continue reading

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Parker Gallant: The Chiarelli charade

Reading an April 27 interview in the Almaguin News with Ontario’s Energy Minister, Bob Chiarelli, gives one the impression that he resides in a state of mind the rest of Ontario’s residents don’t understand. Continue reading

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