Listen to Energy Probe on Green Majority

(August 21, 2012) Energy Probe’s Director of Research, Norman Rubin, joined a roundtable on nuclear energy in Canada hosted by the environmental news radio program ‘Green Majority’ (CIUT FM 89.5), which you can listen to in full at the link supplied.

Norm provided an entertaining overview of energy supply in Ontario, and noted that: “Nuclear and the vast majority of renewables, especially the ones we’re pushing the hardest, are basically trying to eat the same lunch and they can’t both do it. Nuclear plans limit the renewable plans and the more renewable electricity we generate, the more embarrassed we are by the inflexibility of nuclear as well as other things.” As a result, at high demand times there isn’t enough power to go around and at low demand times, “we’re doing crazy things in order to try to solve a problem we created ourselves.”

One highlight of the program concerned a substantial part of Energy Probe’s past that receives little airplay now: Energy Probe’s “epic project” to challenge the constitutionality and Charter validity of Canada’s Nuclear Liability Act – a law that protects the nuclear industry from responsibility for its own actions.

To this day, says Norm: “We still don’t know whether the Nuclear Liability Act would stand up under serious scrutiny to the Supreme Court of Canada and I’m afraid if we find out, it’s going to be after a nuclear accident …”

For the full recording of this show, go to:

To listen, select ‘First Feature: Nuclear Energy In Canada’.

For further background reading on Energy Probe’s work in the area of nuclear safety, start here.

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