Energy Probe’s new call to action

(September 24, 2013) Let’s put an end to disastrous global warming policies.


Energy Probe is a leader in the campaign to correct misinformation on climate change. We are the West’s only environmental group to dispute the conventional wisdom on climate change and thanks to Energy Probe’s efforts, millions of Canadians now know the facts – climate change is natural, not a man-made phenomenon. With your support, we can reach even more Canadians through our newspaper articles, books, TV and radio appearances, speeches, blogs and website to put an end to disastrous global warming policies.

Our call to action launched today and we need your help here to boost our fundraising thermometer level! Become a fundraising champion and you’ll be joining Energy Probe’s Lawrence Solomon for a dinner in your honour.

Meanwhile, for the latest from Energy Probe on climate change, read on.

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