How megaprojects bankrupt utilities

(June 26, 2017) Brady Yauch, executive director of Consumer Policy Institute, describes the looming threat to public institutions – and to our pocketbooks.

Across Canada, some of the country’s largest public electricity utilities are pursuing an aggressive policy of building ever-larger megaprojects – the Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment project in Ontario, Site C dam in B.C., the Muskrat Falls dam in Newfoundland and Labrador, to name a few. The public officials that oversee them, in whom we trust to safeguard our interests, are instead encouraging risky accounting maneuvers and actively undermining their own regulatory bodies. Who pays? Us, the ratepayers, both current and future generations. This Q&A discussion was led by Brady Yauch, executive director of Consumer Policy Institute, a sister organization of Probe International.

This event was videotaped and is available to view on YouTube here.

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