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Parker Gallant: Ontario’s Ministry of Energy creates Canada’s biggest Ponzi scheme

(October 1, 2013) The press release on September 24, 2013, from the Attorney General’s (AG) office was headlined: “Attorney General recovers $17 million for Victims of Ponzi Scheme” and went on to describe how the money had been seized and sent to the American authorities with respect to a US orchestrated “Ponzi Scheme”. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: What Hudak failed to say

(May 11, 2011) In a much ballyhooed speech yesterday, would-be Ontario Premier Tim Hudak promised to kill the financing method that Premier Dalton McGuinty uses to build wind turbines. But Hudak doesn’t promise to kill wind turbines. He merely proposes some alternative financing method, not yet described, to bring Ontarians more wind turbines. Hudak’s wind turbines will also be uneconomic, just less so than McGuinty’s. Continue reading

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