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Will Ford keep his promise to lower hydro costs? He’d better

(October 30, 2018) If he betrays his voter base, willingly or not, by neglecting to cancel all renewable energy contracts, it will cost him.

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Lawrence Solomon: Make Ontario hydro great again by reviving the Common Sense Revolution

Doug Ford’s hydro reforms can make winners of everyone, except the looters who have gamed the system. Continue reading

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Parker Gallant: Hydro One’s free pass

(August 17, 2011) Hydro One’s financial statements are out, yet despite all of the media attention about the electricity sector in Ontario, the financial results of the publicly owned power utilities attract no attention. Odd, since they are the instruments that the government uses to execute its controversial policies under the Green Energy Act. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: What Hudak failed to say

(May 11, 2011) In a much ballyhooed speech yesterday, would-be Ontario Premier Tim Hudak promised to kill the financing method that Premier Dalton McGuinty uses to build wind turbines. But Hudak doesn’t promise to kill wind turbines. He merely proposes some alternative financing method, not yet described, to bring Ontarians more wind turbines. Hudak’s wind turbines will also be uneconomic, just less so than McGuinty’s. Continue reading

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Local Distribution Companies – Is Anyone Watching?

(April 18, 2011) Parker Gallant argues that Ontario needs to set cost and performance benchmarks for local electricity distribution companies, and encourage mergers amongst them to increase efficiency. Continue reading

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