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Lawrence Solomon is one of Canada's leading environmentalists. His book, The Conserver Solution (Doubleday) popularized the Conserver Society concept in the late 1970s and became the manual for those interested in incorporating environmental factors into economic life. An advisor to President Jimmy Carter's Task Force on the Global Environment (the Global 2000 Report) in the late 1970's, he has since been at the forefront of movements to reform foreign aid, stop nuclear power expansion and adopt toll roads. Mr. Solomon is a founder and managing director of Energy Probe Research Foundation and the executive director of its Energy Probe and Urban Renaissance Institute divisions. He has been a columnist for The Globe and Mail, a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, the editor and publisher of the award-winning The Next City magazine, and the author or co-author of seven books, most recently The Deniers, a #1 environmental best-seller in both Canada and the U.S. .

Lawrence Solomon: Trump’s new climate committee could welcome the world’s smartest global-warming skeptics

(March 1, 2019) Make way for the scientific misfits and incompetents the press has castigated for putting the planet in peril by questioning climate change. Continue reading

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The unspoken danger of CO2: It makes people go absolutely nutty

When the inmates run the asylum, whispers of ‘climate’ explain everything. Continue reading

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USMCA could kill Canadian retailers. Here’s how to save them (without handouts)

Under the new trade deal, shopping in Canada will often be too pricey to compete. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Doug Ford will make Ontario great again by following Trump’s lead with radical deregulation

Ontario is truly Ford Nation now. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Make Ontario hydro great again by reviving the Common Sense Revolution

Doug Ford’s hydro reforms can make winners of everyone, except the looters who have gamed the system. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Self-driving cars will never live up to the hype

They’re being pushed on uninterested consumers who, really, just want to drive their own private vehicle. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Trudeau will learn a painful lesson — voters really dislike climate crusading

Global warming is so yesterday. There’s pretty much nothing the public cares less about than climate change. Continue reading

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