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Ontario’s Auditor General Slams the Province’s Pending Cap and Trade Fiasco

(December 2, 2016) Ontario’s Auditor General tells the public what’s really going to happen when the province introduces its cap and trade program. Hint: it’s not pretty.

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California dreamin’ in Ontario

Ontario’s cap and trade backers are excited for the billions of dollars in new money the scheme will create. California shows why the reality might be much different. Continue reading

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Queen’s Park the biggest winner with cap and trade

(March 23, 2016) Cap and trade will provide endless reasons for interest groups to lobby Queen’s Park for access to the many exemptions and potential political favours embedded in the legislation.

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5 reasons to oppose Ontario’s cap and trade proposal

(December 11, 2015) Our letter to Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change on why a cap and trade program is a poor idea.

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Aldyen Donnelly: British Columbia’s carbon tax quagmire

(February 18, 2011) British Columbia is now more reliant on carbon tax revenues than any other jurisdiction on earth. Aldyen Donnelly discusses the challenges this poses for the provincial government. Continue reading

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Aldyen Donnelly: Why large industry supports a carbon tax over other GHG regulations

(February 15, 2011) Aldyen Donnelly argues that large industry in Canada has been supportive of carbon taxes over other forms of emissions regulations, since they could reasonably expect to receive the same exemptions that their European counterparts enjoy. Continue reading

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Aldyen Donnelly: Carbon regulations and trade policy

(February 9, 2011) Blogger Aldyen Donnelly writes that cap and trade schemes can be a source of protectionism. Continue reading

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