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Key project at Darlington nuclear facility hundreds of millions over budget, delayed

(October 16, 2017) A Global News investigation has uncovered a single component of the Darlington nuclear project could cost half a billion dollars, four-times initial estimates. Auditors say project “plagued” by problems. Advertisements

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Another megaproject pushing public utilities to the brink

(October 2, 2017) Nalcor’s Muskrat Falls hydro project will cost more than double original estimates, is years behind schedule and will impose triple-digit rate increases on electricity customers when it starts producing power.

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Government’s mega utility projects spell mega-ruin

(October 2, 2017) Government-owned utilities have a costly, longstanding habit they can’t seem to kick: megaprojects.

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Megaprojects like Site C bankrupt power utilities

(October 2, 2017) The Site C dam exhibits many of the same traits afflicting other megaprojects: an undermining of the regulatory system, accounting tricks that mask the real cost of the project and an explicit guarantee of a taxpayer bailout.

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How megaprojects bankrupt public power utilities and leave regulators in the dark: report

Government-owned power utilities across Canada are pushing ahead with multi-billion dollar megaprojects, while undermining the regulators put in place to protect consumers from such reckless behaviour, according to a new analysis from the Consumer Policy Institute. Continue reading

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