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Key project at Darlington nuclear facility hundreds of millions over budget, delayed

(October 16, 2017) A Global News investigation has uncovered a single component of the Darlington nuclear project could cost half a billion dollars, four-times initial estimates. Auditors say project “plagued” by problems. Advertisements

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Ontario’s public power failure redux

(June 22, 2017) Ontario is repeating its failed public power experiment.

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The bad, very bad and very very bad of the NDP’s hydro fix

(March 4, 2017) A plan by Ontario’s NDP to fix the province’s hydro crisis will only make matters worse.

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Ontario’s HOEP should become HOPE and GAM become GAS

(May 29, 2014) Those who pay attention to their electricity bills in Ontario will recognize the acronyms “HOEP” and “GAM” as two key components in the makeup of our electricity bills.

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Parker Gallant: Auditor General of Ontario Missed Exaggerated Coal Generation Health Costs

The Auditor General of Ontario’s report of December 5 dealing with “Renewable Energy Initiatives” highlighted wasted spending commitments of billions of dollars that will fall on the backs of the ratepayers. The report offers up several recommendations which are immediately followed by responses by the Ministry of Energy on how it will deal with those recommendations. Continue reading

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Norm Rubin: Thorium not the miracle solution nuclear advocates claim it is

(March 29, 2011) Energy Probe director of nuclear research Norm Rubin in the Toronto Star and The Week discussing why thorium is not the solution to the high costs of nuclear energy. Continue reading

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A year after power deal, questions linger

(Oct. 29, 2010) One of the first things that you have to do to get real in planning an electricity system and running it, is to pass on the real commercial style costs of manufacturing electricity to your consumers, says Energy Probe’s Norm Rubin. Continue reading

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