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Lawrence Solomon: Singing the praises of coal — the virtuous stone that liberated humanity

Among coal’s virtues is its small ecological footprint, in startling contrast to the clodhoppers that are renewable energy. Continue reading

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Fukushima fear and fallout

(January 27, 2014) An interesting look at comparisons between the Fukushima, Chernobyl and Hiroshima and Nagasaki disaster zones, particularly in regard to radiation doses. In this report for the New American, quoting Lawrence Solomon’s piece “Evacuation a worse killer than radiation,” Rebecca Terrell writes that “the true Fukushima disaster was and still is the forced evacuation of some 200,000 people.” Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Evacuation a worse killer than radiation

(September 21, 2012) The Fukushima calamity claimed almost 16,000 lives, with another 3,500 missing and feared lost. This toll from one of the worst natural disasters of all time was then followed by a tragedy of another kind. Continue reading

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Candu strike could threaten service to 34 units worldwide

(June 22, 2012) Even if the strike is not affecting Candu’s current business, and the engineers eventually return to work, Candu may end up primarily a servicing company for its old reactors. Meanwhile, skepticism regarding the completion of two new reactors planned for Darlington and the refurbishment of four existing units remains high. “The Darlington Refurbishment is like something from Alice and Wonderland,” says Energy Probe’s Norm Rubin. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Why Jews like climate policy

The Jewish drive to protect Israel by promoting nuclear and renewables was counterproductive, because it helped send society down the wrong road. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: The Green Goliath takes on nuclear

The renewable industry is wrong to claim that it is cost effective. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Canada’s bad radiation cancer data

Radiation exposure may have been underreported in the 1950s and ’60s, making it appear more deadly. Continue reading

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