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Ontario’s public power failure redux

(June 22, 2017) Ontario is repeating its failed public power experiment.

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This time is different: OPG says its megaproject not like the others

(October 11, 2016) Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is confident that its new megaproject will do the impossible: come in on time and on budget.

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Candu strike could threaten service to 34 units worldwide

(June 22, 2012) Even if the strike is not affecting Candu’s current business, and the engineers eventually return to work, Candu may end up primarily a servicing company for its old reactors. Meanwhile, skepticism regarding the completion of two new reactors planned for Darlington and the refurbishment of four existing units remains high. “The Darlington Refurbishment is like something from Alice and Wonderland,” says Energy Probe’s Norm Rubin. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: An $87-billion grave

(Nov. 27, 2010) Ontario’s plan to pour colossal amounts of money into nuclear, wind and solar could bury the province. Continue reading

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