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The right wing will win Israel’s election Tuesday

In Israel, the Western world’s most right-wing country, the left isn’t really on the ballot.

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Lawrence Solomon: Trudeau will learn a painful lesson — voters really dislike climate crusading

Global warming is so yesterday. There’s pretty much nothing the public cares less about than climate change. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Losing indicators — 91% of Liberals, 90% of Bloc supporters, believe in global warming

(May 9, 2011) According to a draft report from the Brookings Institute that compares attitudes to global warming in the U.S. and Canada, an astounding 91% of Canadians who identify themselves as Liberals, and 90% who identify with the Bloc, answer “Yes” when asked: “From what you’ve read and heard, is there solid evidence that the average temperature on Earth has been getting warmer over the past four decades.” Continue reading

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